Cleveland Ohio

Is Cleveland Ohio the New Market?

{Dallas, TX}

Cleveland Ohio has become the new go to city in the United States. We can start with the the drafting of Mr. Johnny Football to the Cleveland Browns.  Johnny football has one of the biggest names in college football. But not only that the media love his antics and the fun he brings to the field. The Cleveland Browns took Manziel in this year’s draft causing one of the biggest stir’s in the media. Johnny Football  $8.3 million dollar  signing bonus was just enough to bring the former Texas A&M Aggie to the home of Lebron James.

But speaking of Lebron James, the Cleveland Caveliers are in the push for to get the Ohio native since he has opted out of his contract early this June. The critics are unsure why James wants to go back to Cleveland after winning 2 championships in Miami. But the question is will the fans accept King James back to the throne he created. Does LeBron owe Cleveland something? We can’t tell what the next move is from his social media so we will wait like everyone else.

Cleveland not only got the first round pick in this year’s 2014 NBA draft but they were just selected to host the GOP convention. The 5 month long process came to an end yesterday as the Republican party made an announcement about the cities selection . The city once dubbed the “Mistake by the Lake” will host the thousands of delegates, alternates, party officials, and journalist when the GOP formally selects its next presidential and vice presidential nominee two years from now at the Quicken Loans Arena.


Is this Cleveland in the midst of creating a  new market for businesses, sports teams, entertainment hopefuls?


You Got to Jump – Steve Harvey

You Got to Jump – Steve Harvey

Being successful is a marathon that requires your entire focus. We look at people on t.v  or that we read about and these successful people took a leap of faith and did what they dream to do. Here is some wise words from Steve Harvey, a legend of our time who has done it all to reach the level of success that he is at.


Filling the Shoes of a Legend


Breaking News:

Lifetime has confirmed that Zendaya Coleman, the 17-year-old  will no longer be starring in the cable channel’s upcoming Aaliyah biopic, Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B (working title). As a black community did we force this young actress to leave this opportunity? To say someone is too light-skinned to play Aaliyah in a movie that is finally being made 13 years after the tragic,  plane crash in 2001 is ridiculous. But at the same time it was reported that the production of the film was not ready to be filmed and that is also another reason Zendaya decided not to participate in the film. At the BET awards this past Sunday Coleman spoke in depth about the biopic and said “she felt uneasy about the production”. Coleman says she is still open to playing Aaliyah in the future. All in all whoever takes this role in the future will have to deal with Aaliyah Fans, music lovers, family, and anyone else who is emotionally attached to Aaliyah.



A weekend of W.O.W

Dallas , TX

For the last 4 days the WOW Power Networking Conference was here in the Dallas area from June 25th- 28th . This conference was home to business owners from across the world. Not only were they successful at their business . This was the 13th year of this conference and known to  the African American business community as one of the largest networking opportunities, the Power Networking Conference was  96 hours of a steady stream of inspirational speakers and workshops to teach entrepreneurs how to optimize their businesses and their lives.

Power Networking Conference 2014  PowerNetworking

I was blessed with the opportunity to be a volunteer for this conference. This summer I was determined to take advantage of every opportunity that was made available to me. When I went into this conference I did not think I would be as involved as a volunteer as I was. There were times where I was sitting at the tables with millionaires who were open to just giving golden nuggets of advice as we sat and ate during the luncheons. Not to mention these millionaires look like me. We live in this world where successful  African Americans either have a mic in their hand or play some type of sport. But this weekend proved that stereotype completely wrong.

PowerNetworking Conference

George Fraser – CEO and founder of Frasernet for 25 years, best-selling author and internationally renowned speaker, Fraser is the brains and inspiration behind the Power Networking Conference. I met him on the first day and this was a very charismatic, humble leader who was well liked and spoke about by the faculty of this conference.

I recommend that anyone that is looking to build professional, spiritually, and personally that they attend this event next year! Take a look at  to stay up to date on conference information for 2015.




The Haus Expo on July 12th




Haus Expo will be a one day fashion event for the city of Dallas that will include 2 fashion presentations, a Designer Seminar, and a Model Workshop!

Come out and enjoy your Saturday with industry professionals like Charles Smith of Smith II, Kelsey McLane of Shop MieuxDevaun Robinson of MidPoint Eclectic  and fashion photographer Odis Lewis. Listen in as the spill secrets, share stories, and answer questions on how to go from sketch pad dreams to runway realities!

Then move over to a discussion with professional models where they speak on subjects like: How to Build Your Brand   What it takes to get cast for jobs and How to find a agency

Haus Expo will also give you the opportunity to view a photoshoot demonstration with photographerMarcus Photog and a handful of lucky participants will leave our show with (2) digitals to start their portfolios!

We complete the night with  the Elegant Haus Mixer including drinks and live music with guest DJ Ryan ESL . Afterwards there will be a fashion show  presentation from 8 of Dallas’ hottest new undiscovered designers & models.

But wait! Thats not it!  You will also get a sneak peek into MidPoint/MPXMI’s newest collection and the debut of Devaun’s much awaited womens wear line!