Student Athletes Should Be Paid

Originally posted on Black America Web:

It’s just human nature that extreme measures have to be taken just to make people in power do the right thing. We’ve seen it with civil rights, affirmative action and now, maybe, with college sports. When I first heard the news about college football players at Northwestern University wanting to unionize, I initially thought they were going to actually get paid and I was glad. It turns out they’re fighting for health insurance, which I thought they were getting already.

I’m hoping this union thing will turn into something more.

The fight for college athletes to unionize wouldn’t be so hard if the NCAA would even try to be fair. But they won’t. The powers that be really see nothing wrong with colleges and universities making billions off young athletes in the prime of their careers. I understand why the thought of paying student/athletes was once taboo, but times have changed. A…

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